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[ICSE '24] Combining Structured Static Code Information and Dynamic Symbolic Traces for Software Vulnerability Prediction

, 2024.

Premier ACM conference in Software Engineering (CORE A*) Preprint Code and dataset

[CC '22] Automating Reinforcement Learning Architecture Design for Code Optimization

, 2022.

Premier ACM conference in compiler construction (CORE A) Preprint Code and dataset

[TIFS '21] Combining Graph-Based Learning With Automated Data Collection for Code Vulnerability Detection

, 2021. Flagship journal in computer security (CORE A*)

This work was featured on several online media (Sohu, Tencent and China Youth Daily). Preprint Code and dataset


  • MITCAS Globalink Research Award (2024)
  • School of Computing's 3.5-Year Full Scholarship (Awarded to Only One International Students Annually in 2021)
  • The First-class Scholarship of Northwest University, Top 5% (2018-2019)


An Open-Source Vulnerability Discovery Method Combining Historical Code Commits and Pre-trained Models

Huawei 2012 labs, Collaborative Project Team Member, 2022 - 2023

Automating Reinforcement Learning Architecture Design for Code Optimization

Meta AI Research & University of Leeds & Northwest University, Collaborative Project Team Member, 2020 - 2021

Affordable Billion-Scale Pre-trained NLP Models' Training

Alibaba Damo Academy, Research Intern, July 2020 - December 2020

Machine Learning-based Code Security Detection

Ant Group, Collaborative Project Team Member, 2019 - 2020



Teaching Assistant



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